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        Ruian City Chuangdian Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
        ADD:BaoTian industrial zone,Tangxia,Ruian City,Zhejiang,China

        About us

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            Set up in 2005, located at the Ruian automobile&motorcycle parts which is famous all round country, Ruian City Chuangdian Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of support parts for suspension offer necessary parts according to customers' requirements. It is a professional manufacturer of automobile parts integrating science, industry and trade.
            The company has strong technique force, sophisticated quality control system, most advanced production technology and advanced equipments. We have introduced the machining centers and 3-coordinate measuring instruments in the past years. We have newlly business idea, scientific management with international trend to build "Chuangdian"a name brand and develop domestic and foreigh automobile parts to achieve more contributions. We are occupying the domestic market with high quality products, competitive price and classic service by offering the customers. It has a wide market base. The products are far distributed to Southeast Asia, hte Middle East,Europe America and so on. Welcome all circles to cooperate with us.

            The company upholds the policy"To Be Responsible for Brand all the Time, To Satisfy the Customers",pursuing a policy of credit,practice,high effective business idea, and following the market regular pattern. We are continually developing our company through professionalized production, socialized cooperation. We are taking the production of high quality products, getting sound beneficial result through scientific management, improving quality through sci-tech innovation as our goal. We are continually challenging ourselves. We are working hard to develop our company.