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        Ruian City Chuangdian Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
        ADD:BaoTian industrial zone,Tangxia,Ruian City,Zhejiang,China


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        Enterprise Mission: technological innovation, quality of a card, credit management, to achieve transcendence.
        Corporate philosophy: talent as a fundamental, is the cornerstone of management; innovation is the soul of integrity for business cards.
        Service Mission: wholeheartedly to provide users with high-quality, satisfactory service
        The spirit of enterprise: unity, trustworthy, pragmatic and innovative.
        Corporate slogan: future-oriented to the world and progressive self-transcendence.
        Quality concept: with our achievements to verify myth.
        Human philosophy: humane, harmonization.
        Marketing idea: everything for the customer, for all customers.

        Business lines: professional, focused
        Employing the concept: meritocracy, equal competition, merit-based hiring, bi-directional selection
        Innovative ideas: mechanism innovation, technological innovation, the concept of innovation.
        Business philosophy: social satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction.
        Management philosophy: to convince the people in Germany, who rule to the letter, treat people with sincerity, to Appreciating true.
        Professional Quality: professionalism, spirit, integrity, selflessness.
        Business strategy: science and technology and technology enterprises, professional and stronger; the future, to the world.